CMC Letco designs and fabricates manways for both ASME code and low pressure/non-code applications.

Cross Arm Manway

cmc18AOur CMC18A manway is designed for atmospheric service above the liquid level of a tank. It features a quick opening design, easy gasket replacement, and can be fabricated from nearly any stainless steel or nickel alloy material.


Bolted Manway

LMBFor higher pressure applications, our LMB series manway can be custom built to withstand higher pressures and temperatures than many quick opening or tongue-and-groove manways. It features a flat gasket, and is ideal for applications requiring a 150# or 300# class flange, but without the extra weight of a blind flange. Hinges, davits or spring assists can be added to any manway.


Common Alloys CMC Letco Ind. Weld Procedures in Place?
304/304L YES
316/316L YES
Duplex 2205 YES
Nickel 200/201 YES
Hastelloy® C-276 YES
Hastelloy® C-22® YES
Monel® 400/401 YES
Inconel® 600 & 625 YES
Incoloy® 800 & 825 YES
Alloy 20 YES
904L YES
Titanium YES
Zirconium YES