Tank Components

We fabricate tank components including heads, cylinders, heat transfer surface, manways. In addition, we also have bar, angle and pipe rolling capabilities.


14 gauge through 3/4" thick, 8" to a nearly unlimited diameter


We fabricate heads up to 3/4" thick with diameters from 16" to 168". Heads can include heat transfer surface.


Atmospheric, high pressure and sanitary designs

Heat transfer surface

Dimple jacket and half pipe designs


We can roll and bend the following:

  • Bar (round or flat)
  • Angle (even or uneven leg)
  • Pipe (3/4" to 4")
  • Square/Recangular Tubing
  • Channel


Common Alloys CMC Letco Ind. Weld Procedures in Place?
304/304L YES
316/316L YES
Duplex 2205 YES
Nickel 200/201 YES
Hastelloy® C-276 YES
Hastelloy® C-22® YES
Monel® 400/401 YES
Inconel® 600 & 625 YES
Incoloy® 800 & 825 YES
Alloy 20 YES
904L YES
Titanium YES
Zirconium YES