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The items shown below are avaialbe for immediate purchase. Each item is available typically within one week of order.

Modifications, including adding fittings, manways, heat transfer, insulation, and other accessories are available. Please contact us for information on price and delivery. Pictures of each item are available

Unless otherwise noted, all items are new, and have not been put in service. New items will come with a full manufacturer's warranty. For used items, please call

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Mat'l Description new or used Part # ID# Price
SS304 95 gal, 12 ga, 45-1/2x40-1/2x12, 2x2 angle welded inside pan on 38” side  new  511004   call
SS304 350 gal 42 x 48 laminated non- UN  new 515972 55395 call
SS304 439 gal  exposed hopper bottom  used   45933 call
SS304 Used Stainless Steel Drums used 556364   call
SS304 New Stainless Steel Drums new 556278   call
Poly Caged Poly Composite IBC, Schutz, 275 gallon new 556027   call
c/s 379 gallon TransLube used 515234U 48590 call
SS304 ss-wine barrel/scratched new 515598 52899 call
SS304 ss-350 wine tank new 515322 51244 call
SS304 ss-350 wine tank new 516307 55859 call
c/s 300 gallon open top Transitainer new 515320 47527 call
SS304 330 gallon used 515211 46934 call
SS304 395 gallon 42 x 42  x41  new tank new 512080 53059 call
SS304 42" x 48" inside height 36"  unground weld new 4c05355100 54914 call
SS304 42" x 48" inside height 36 1/2" ,    3/4" rod on top ,    ground to 50 grit new 4c05355000 53550 call
c/s 50 gallon open top barrel w/ fork tubes     qty 2 new 516183 55037 call
SS304 300 gallon 42" X 48" laminared non-UN  NOT ground inside new 515588 56831 call
SS304 PAC 18S2-HA-SS304, 36" 36" x 39" w/ pump for 180 gallon tank new 547301 35297 call
SS304 400 gal, 36"ID x 98" long, HTS on bottom, Insulated & Sheathed, Adj. legs new N/A   call